When you need more than Marketing Automation

By now, if you’re not already using it, you’ve heard the hype about how great marketing automation is. Marketing automation is a great tool, there’s no doubt about it – in short it helps organize lead scoring and helps define quality leads – but it’s also not always enough.  It’s true that it has been proven to help generate a huge increase in quality leads when companies use it to nurture their prospects, and studies have shown those nurtured leads are more apt to make bigger buys, but the truth is it will not do everything for you and thus there are times when having marketing automation is just not enough.

Here are a few key ways to supplement your marketing automation program and get the most out of it:

  1. Gather up All your Data: Marketing automation will help you analyze certain behaviors and lead scores, but it won’t integrate all the data you’ve collected. When used alongside other marketing platforms, such as CRM, to pull together the whole picture, it can provide you with invaluable data about your prospects.
  2. Provide a Personal Touch: You can build automated trigger campaigns to nurture leads with marketing automation, but this is difficult to do without seeming like it’s a repetitive, form letter style of contact. You need to assess the different touch points during the campaign yourself, put your customers into different categories and then personalize a marketing strategy relevant to your prospects.
  3. Get some Content: Marketing automation will definitely not help you get content up on your web site or write your newsletters for you. This you’ll have to do on your own. And this is important, too, because today’s buyer is savvy – they have already gathered a lot of their information about you from the internet before you even meet them. Today’s buyers want to quietly do their research before they invest in a product or service.
  4. Align Marketing and Sales Teams: We can’t say it enough – getting both teams together to discuss the marketing campaign will help you understand the buyer all the way through the marketing funnel. A good marketing campaign consists of lead scoring, lead nurturing and converting those leads into sales. It helps marketing to know what makes a buyer buy just as much as it helps sales understand who their buyers are.

If you’re already using marketing automation successfully, what tools or methods do you supplement with to create a fantastic marketing campaign?

Top 10 KPI’s Marketing Metrics for any board meeting to prove ROI

How to bring the best out of your marketing efforts? How to push more leads into your sales channels? How should marketers take better control over revenue process and achieve defined set of goals? There are numbers of questions that marketers ponder over to bring out solid strategy that can improve upon marketing ROI. Indeed, they need to present the picture in terms of metrics that make sense of chief marketing officers, who like to see growth in terms of revenue and profit.

Let’s ponder over a few of the top ten metrics that attract executive attention:

  1. Database size by segment: It cannot be denied that customer databases are the backbone to business growth. In order to manage such a huge database, it is good to divide it by segments. It simplifies sophisticated customer data, manages data well and drives in more ROI by building and targeting relevant campaigns.
  2. Form Abandonment Rate: It is the percentage of people who do not completely submit the form, after opening it. It helps marketers focus on understanding and facilitating the prospects’ buying process.
  3. Form Abandonment Rate (%) = [1 - (total number of forms successfully submitted on the website, divided by total number of clicks)]

  4. New Website Visitors: It is the measure of new visitors appearing on the site. This element should be integrated into marketing strategy, as it develops revenue growth and maximize ROI.
  5. Email Bounce Rate: It is a must to keep a check over email bounce rate, as higher the rate, higher the chance of getting the marketing campaign blacklisted. Analyzing it carefully, marketers can create lead generating email campaigns intelligently.
  6. Email Open Rate: It focuses on the number of engaging customers, thus providing insights to serve the customers better. Marketers can try out different experiments to know what attract customers.
  7. Email CTR: it helps you know new and unique visitors to the site. In order to have better CTR, email campaign should have compelling content, call to action, etc. marketers can use this metric to target email campaigns better.
  8. Click-Through Rate (CTR) = # of click-throughs / # of messages delivered.
    Adjusted Click-Through Rate = # of click-throughs / # of messages opened.

  9. Conversion Rate: It is the measure of number of visitors converting to customers. It helps marketers know about the percentage of revenue generated by marketing efforts.
  10. Conversion Rate = # of sales / # of visits

  11. ROI: It is the most common profitability ratio. It helps companies to know what works better. One can get a clear picture of how marketing initiatives are performing through such metrics.
  12. Customer Acquisition Cost: It includes expenses that are incurred to convince customers to buy products or services. Cost to acquire customers and lifetime value of a customer are two of the important variables that are taken into consideration.
  13. Program Performance: it is an important metrics that provides cost benefit analysis and process evaluations. It could be used intelligently to improve upon effectiveness and increase efficiency.

Do you want to present your marketing ROI before executives? Download our whitepaper “Top-10 Metrics to Attract Executive Attention and Prove Marketing ROI“.

Are you worried about attracting their attention? If such is the case, include the above stated top ten metrics that could clearly present the picture of marketing initiatives and highlight the growth prospective.


Top 5 “Other IT and Administration” Salesforce Applications

Organizations need to focus at every department to improve upon the revenue. At one end, where few departments, like sales are directly fetching revenue while at other end, there are departments like marketing, IT, etc that are supportive enough to promote sales. So, directly, or indirectly every of the department is important to look into. IT and administration is also one of the important business wings that manage various areas to make employees and customers at ease. They look into the priorities and then, offer them the needed support such that they could perform outstandingly. Easy access of information, backup of important data, etc are also looked into by these supportive departments. In order to make the task easier, there are numerous of applications that could be taken advantage of to carry out these processes at clicks.

Let’s discuss five popular IT and administration Salesforce applications.

1. Code Backup/Compare Tool
Code Backup takes up the backup of your code and saves it as an attachment, especially at times, when the developer over-write or delete the code by mistake. Even the comparison of different versions has also been made much easier. So, enjoy easy code backup, code changes tracking and compare code version with this superb application. Developers find this app too useful, as they can easily track the changes made in the code and take the backup of current code.

2. ACT! Data Import Tool
Data Import Tool is simple and easy to use tool that downloads all contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts from your ACT and then, import them to Salesforce. No technical knowledge is required to work upon this application; instead, it is quick and easy with predictable cost. The automating steps of CRM migration help users save upon lot of time with easy migration of accounts and contacts into Salesforce.

3. Backupify for Salesforce
This application has made it easy for users to protect Salesforce data by providing automated daily backup of custom and standard objects. Indeed, it is a self-service portal that allows admin to monitor, manage, download and search easily. Export of data has also been made much easier. Hence, now you can reduce the cost and the time spent on downloading and managing Salesforce data with the help of Backupify. There are numerous of features that IT managers and admins can enjoy using this remarkable application.

4. Private AppExchange
Private AppExchange allows you to distribute any app to any device or any user through its central secure store. You can use Salesforce identity to rant employees an easy access to the application required. So, enjoy easy customizing of app store. It is one-stop shop that distributes mobile app to employees with simple and easy one-login facility.

5. HowFast
This is another superb application that helps you know how fast is Salesforce today. Truly speaking, your Salesforce experience depends upon the quality of network access. So, it tests your access and compared it with other users, thus helping you know about how fast is the Salesforce today.

Code back is now a click away! Don’t you want to keep the track of code changes made by developers? Get these applications and enjoy the related advantages to improve upon business productivities and functionalities.