5 Things to Consider For an Effective “Thank You” Landing Page

thank-you-lpDo you think that your marketing campaign ends when customers buy? No, it is not so. Marketing is a non-stop process that is required to acquire new customers, retain existing ones and build long term relationships with them.

What should you do to turn successful prospects into customers?
What should you do to help your customers stay with you?

The answers to these questions are definitely helpful in running a successful online marketing campaign.  Careful planning should be your starting point.  One of the crucial aspects that should not be overlooked is developing a “Thank You” Landing Page.

The research has proven that thank you pages help take customer communications to the next level. Indeed, it is the right place to carry on the conversation and build relationships, there by providing them your related offers and services.  Use social media channels to share educational materials with them to help keep them updated. Let’s look at 5 important points to helps marketers create more opportunities and improve the customer’s experience.

  1. Focusing at increasing traffic: ‘Thank You’ carries an attractive aura. Here, you need not have to put extra efforts to add to your subject line. In addition, it’s the best time to share new opportunities and related services with your customers. So, make sure your thank you page is attractive, let your content be simple, include easy navigation and mention related offers.  This will ensure your tone of appreciation and help keep the customer engaged through interesting and relative offers.
  2. Gathering the information: Remember, if a customer is satisfied, he or she would be happy to provide you additional information. You can gather more information, when your customer lands on your “Thank You” page and it can be used to improve upon business intelligence or as vital data for future campaigns. Offer something FREE to collect unavailable information. Ask for quick and short feedback.
  3. Improving social media engagement: Exploring the potential of social media to collect their feedback and update them on offerings is extremely beneficial for the growth of business.
  4. Placing of a call to action button: It is the most important element that should be well placed in a position that is clickable and prominent.  Consider the placement of this button throughout your offer for those that need to read on before considering to click through. Reveal the benefits and use words to create urgency. It is a must to use this button appropriately; else it may hamper the conversion rate.
  5. Showing figures to present the picture. The research has shown that people believe more in numbers, verbal (such as a video, text and through dynamic graphic visuals. It is good to present your point with statistics, proofs and action, as it helps in winning over credibility and authenticity.

Many of the markets would agree that these efforts or points are hard to implement, but it is true that it can improve your chances of generating new leads and increase your online visibility when used correctly.

Are you leaving your customers on a positive note?  Remember after pointing out their problems, offer clear, actionable solutions and show how your offer can provide traceable results.

How to retain your customers?  By understanding to keep consistency in your message through a follow-up “Thank You” landing page that has engaging graphics, facts, testimonials and relevant offers, is sure to select the tone of a caring relationship.  The client and you benefit.  A continued touch focused on their needs help you both stay connected.  Your customer will feel compelled to take your offer and will return for more.

How to improve upon relationship with them? Asking the right questions to a satisfied customer will open the door to the information that you need to refine your services and or products.  Your customer will feel heard, and see that they are receiving a more tailored service or product from you.  A business that listens to their customers requests and suggestions always gets priority attention to those who are not as thoughtful and attentive in their approach and continued communications and offers.

Remember you want to establish brand presence and build long term relations with customers.  By following these helpful tips you will enjoy the benefits of keeping your current customers happy, see them returning and referring more business to you.

7 Tips to Increase your Email Open Rate

Are your emails generating quality traffic for your business?

7 Tips to Increase your Email Open Rate

There are lots of expectations marketers count on from their marketing initiatives.  For example seasoned marketers understand Email campaigns to be one of the most powerful tools.  They should be in your list of initiatives because when done right, emails help drive traffic and spread awareness instantly and cost effectively when they are opened.  But, what if after following a strategic approach and putting hard work in designing content, structure and design, the email campaign does not turn up with the expected results? It may be a frustrating situation to handle, Isn’t it? There’s no denying that you want your money to bring returns, but what if just 10% of the people have opened the mail, now what? It doesn’t have to be this way.

In order to stay away from annoying low performance, let’s look at the seven great tips that can increase your email open rate when applied correctly.

  1. Include Interesting Subject Lines: Your Subject line is the first glimpse that incites customers to either click the mail or ignore it. Hence, it is a “must” that you create attractive and attention grabbing subject lines. This can be done if you keep users’ expectations in mind. At the same time, always prioritize customers’ benefits and announce the reward of taking actions. Your customer’s eyes are moving fast when scanning their inbox, so remember personalized, simple and short subject lines are believed to be more effective.  You only have a very short fraction of time to catch your reader’s attention.  Your subject line is your gate-keeper.  Make it count. Take your time to craft the most powerful subjectline, short, relevant and interesting.
  2. Focus on Behavioral Targeting: It is just not “open” rate, but also “click through” rate and “conversion” rate that depends upon behavioral data.  These statistics should be used to design your promotional campaigns. Practicing this one principle will bring you better lead generation as well as an improved ROI. In order to do so, it is important to understand which emails have high open rate and know which emails frustrate customers. A thorough analysis of responsive and unresponsive customers can assure you generate a high level of customer responses.  In short, know your customer, study their habits do the research or invest in an expert service to assist in this process.
  3. Relevant Messaging: It is only relevant information that evokes response. Hence, build your approach of what customer wants, build realistic, rewarding and unique messages, avoid spam, and schedule your delivery and test call-to-action by using a planned strategy to gather data, relevant to the goals.
  4. Delivery Time: Though there are no hard and fast rules, delivery time plays an important role in the success of your campaign. In order to decide upon delivery time, try experimenting with different days and times.  Compare the data to locate the best target dates and times, which score the highest open and click through rates.  Only after this step has been done can you further fine-tune your message by astonishing the recipients with new elements in your messaging
  5. Update Contact Information on Databases: It is a must to stay active in updating email addresses, as your lists decay with time. You should also keep adding new customers to your lists regularly.
  6. Timeliness: You should never miss out on scheduling your campaigns throughout the calendar.  Focus on emails which feature ongoing events or breaking news. Make sure that your subject line makes a difference to your targeted audience, even if there is a common theme, remember to unveil the story or offer in your progressive campaign as you build follow-up emails.
  7. Consider Mobile Device: Don’t forget to consider the appearance of email on mobile devices, as SmartPhones have revolutionized the marketing industry and have surpassed the user rate over the PC and laptop users. Check out the display quality and your links and be sure to optimize your email messages for all of the different mobile device platforms.

If you want your email campaign to bring out fruitful results for you, do follow these tips and see the positive impact it will they have on your email “open rate” and “click through” rate.  By applying these principles, you will optimize your email marketing strategy and assess the campaign performance over time so that you have a performing email campaign with high returns.