Email Subject Lines to be avoided

Email Subject Line to be avoided

Email campaigns are one of the marketing tactics that can do wonders for your business. Indeed, email can be one of the best communication tools that can be used to share updates with followers or potential customers. But, the major problem with this tactic is low email open rate. The entire strategy goes in vain when recipients delete it without reading. Marketers need to put in great efforts and design it with great care and caution to ensure it attracts customers. The foremost aspect of email that entices viewers or receivers is its subject line. It should be attractive, engaging, short and descriptive. It should provide readers the reason to explore the message further.

In order to make it a success, there are important mistakes that marketers need to avoid. Let’s focus at these mistakes to make the email campaign successful and effective for you.

  • Use of Spammy Words: The words, like Buy, Free, Cash, Make Money, Opportunity, Sex, Win, Click, etc may trigger Spam filters and this may prevent your email from being delivered into the recipients’ mailboxes.
  • Use of All capital Letters: The use of all capital letters may be the other cause of triggering spam filters. It is not the way to attract readers’ attention. Indeed, it makes the message shady and unprofessional and has always appeared as though you are yelling.
  • Being unclear: The subject line should help recipient know what your email is about. A clear and compelling subject line would definitely entice readers to open the email and read on. The message should be clearly conveyed in the subject line.
  • Being Misleading: Never use any lie or you are surely to lose trust of your recipients. The message conveyed by subject line should meet the content of your email. The misleading subject line can further kill the chances of responding. So, be clear and honest.
  • Neither too long, nor too short: Long subject lines won’t be able to display completely. Where as very short subject lines might not convey the message properly. Hence, marketers need to carefully look at both of these aspects.

Are you concerned about your email open rates? Or Are you struggling to improve your email open rate? If there are any such questions in your mind consider the above listed tactics. As marketers, the more we share tactics, the better. I’ve shared my secret tactics, what’s on yours?


Marketo Summit 2014- All About Innovation!

Hilary-at-Marketo-Nation-SummitThis year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit was all about INNOVATION as a theme. With new titles like Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Marketing Technologist, the Marketers are becoming smarter and have to be innovative. Check out Marketo blog all the details here.

With 6000 people attending this conference is truly mind-blowing. Plus the Partner Summit was so inspiring and motivating where Phil Fernandez shared his vision about the explosive growth expected with all the existing Partners.

Madhu-with-Marketo-CEO-PhilContent and marketing automation go hand-in-hand, and marketers are under pressure to create engaging content. In the Marketo Summit this year there were lots of Sponsors in different categories. Innovative Content Marketing and Content Creation were represented by quite a few good ones. All had some unique value to add to much needed ROI. Here are few which you may want to check:


Captora offers breakthrough Cloud Marketing Applications. Modern marketers can automatically and intelligently leverage their content to drive pipeline growth across channels. Our Marketing Execution Platform helps you evolve with demand and engage with buyers before the competition.

Oktopost is the first solution to establish the ROI of social media, bridging the gap between social media and lead generation. Oktopost delivers the true business value of social media, generating new sales and integrating marketing and sales in today’s social-centric marketplace.

With Oktopost, companies can say for the first time: “This new customer came from this LinkedIn post!” or “This Tweet brought us $XXX in sales!” Oktopost enables users to track closed sales back to the originating social media interaction – whether this is a Tweet, LinkedIn post or Facebook update.

Skyword’s content marketing software and services provide all you need to reach and engage your audience with original web content.
Skyword offers the Skyword Content Production Platform, which equips organizations to streamline and automate every step of content creation and publishing.

Uberflip makes content perform by giving marketers the metrics they need to provide a tailored content experience that coverts leads into customers. Bring all your content into one centralized, responsive and engaging front-end with no programming required!

Kapost makes content marketing easy by managing every step of the process in a single platform.
Kapost is the leading content marketing software platform, organizing content marketing into a structured business process. Kapost manages the entire content marketing process, including planning (persona / buying stages), ideation, production (marketing calendar, workflows and approvals), distribution and analytics. Kapost centrally organizes all your content, no matter what the type, including: emails, landing pages, blog posts, white papers, eBooks, infographics, videos and social media.

KnowledgeVision starts with assets that already exist in any organization: PowerPoint presentations and the people who know how to tell the story behind those slides. With its easy-to-learn, easy-to-use tools, KnowledgeVision can combine video or audio, PowerPoint, synchronized web links, navigation, and dozens of plug-in widgets to create an unparalleled interactive presentation experience.

Those were some of the insights we garnered from the 3 day exciting event. Have any additional insights you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments below!


Top 5 Event Management Salesforce Applications

Events and occasions are a part of human life. Whether you look at academic level, personal level or official level, there are different types of events that take place. “Event manager” needs to be very cautious with regard to planning and managing of these events to insure it’s a success! Indeed, event management is a multifaceted activity that involves lots of planning, creativity, management, advertising and marketing so that they all roll down into one seamless choreographed process.

A carefully planned and managed event goes smoothly, keeping organizers and audience away from the related hassles. Are you able to manage the things well? Was your audience comfortable and satisfied with your services or managed event? Were you able to manage the expenses within the defined budget? There are so many integral aspects of an event that need active management of all these pieces. It might be very difficult to manage an event at every aspect, however, at the same time, if careful planning is done, you it can be work effective. Here’s how you can be called a great event planner. Let us show you how.

Event Management Applications

Learn how to spread the right message to attendees. Learn how to send the invitation to potential participants. Learn how to keep budgets under control. Learn how to offer good services to attendees. There are so many things to learn, before you turn out to be a good event planner. To make the things easier and simpler, there are different types of applications that have been designed to assist event managers in various ways to let the event go smooth.

  1. Volunteers for Salesforce: Manage your event and volunteer with this unique and interactive application. Keep record of your volunteer shifts, jobs and hours to keep track of the entire data and public signups. This application acts as a tool for managing organization’s events and people, helping managers to keep track of who the volunteers are, how they have worked and other related information. So that you can fetch the complete database of your event with just a few clicks.
  2. Validar Lead Import with AnySource: Lead import is the leading tool for managing, categorizing and importing offline lead sources. Know where your leads are imported from, such as web leads, exhibits or registration kiosks. This application has made it much easier for the managers to rank their leads to maximize sale efforts. The leads can be imported from one source, but can be used for more than one event. So, know who are they? Why are they there? The information gathered would be useful for consistent lead management processes. Validar is Marketo Integrated as well.
  3. Eventley Event Management 2.0 (Cloud, Social, Mobile): Eventley is a remarkable application to create and manage events and delight attendees. Mangers use it as an integrated platform to engage audience and can align in real time with sales and account team for target management.
  4. Linvio Events: Native Event Management for Salesforce: This application helps you manage networking events, seminars, workshops, etc. It has pre-built features of content management, payment processing, etc. that keeps track of data at various stages.
  5. TuLabel by Scout: TuLabel enables users to create printable labels in PDF formats. These labels can be of custom size or standard ones. So, create business cards, name tags, labels and much more from just Avery number. This is a straight forward and easy to use application.

Take advantage of these user-friendly applications, and the blessings of innovative technology and let your event step up towards flawless execution. Event Manager and marketers can now manage their events at the click of a mouse, while all along keeping track of data at the same time. Is your favorite one in this list or do you have some other? Would love to know please, feel free to share.