Get better results with Responsive Email templates

Almost, everyone now is realizing how important it is to have email and landing pages to be responsive. One of our new Marketo customer found the LinkedIn campaign failed because the email and landing pages were not responsive and approached us and we created responsive templates for the same landing pages and BOOM, the magic worked! Similarly emails also need to be responsive since our audience opens and clicks email on mobile devices.

The emergence of mobile devices has given marketers a challenge to come up with new tactics, or it can also be said that marketers can take advantage of this new platform to keep visitors engaged. Whatsoever is the approach, it has forced organizations to come up with responsive design, may it be email design or website design, to cater to the needs of all. The responsive design refers to the optimized readability of content and the appropriate layout for various devices, regardless of the screen sizes. Looking into the fact that increased number of users open emails on their mobile devices, responsive email deign has grown much in popularity.

Important steps to create responsive emails
No fixed Width: The content element should have flexible width so that it could be adjusted on different screen sizes.
Image Setup: The width should not be set within image tag to ensure that email image does not stretch out. It causes difficulties in viewing.
Table Setup: The table within table setup can help you effectively manage folding of content blocks.
Buttons: The ‘call-to-action’ button should be of appropriate size such that it is easily clickable on different devices.
Media Queries: Media Query is a special set of CSS style used to design responsive email design. It detect the size of screen and the, turn on different set of rules, accordingly.

Best Practices to Create Responsive Emails
• Images should be optimized for mobiles
• Use larger clickable buttons
• Opt for single column layout to enhance readability even on smaller screens
• Use inline CSS, rather than CSS on header of HTML
• Font size should not be less than 14px to improve upon readability
• Use simple layout
• Test it on different devices to avoid related issues

Before one starts up with designing responsive email templates, it is advisable to get insight from customer data and then, designing the strategy accordingly. One should also adopt a holistic approach for mobile versions.
Responsive email templates are supported by iOS Mail app, Blackberry OS7, Window Phone 7.5, Blackberry Z10, Android 4 X email app.

And once you have responsive templates, you are all covered and your visitors open email on phone, tablet or laptop, you be ready with your advanced strategy to serve them with the best solutions, using your responsive designs. Are you ready with your responsive emails and landing pages?

8 Tips For Successful Online Events

Gone are the days, when just building websites was sufficient to promote business. Today, there are numerous of marketing tactics and techniques that are required to enhance online visibility and to attract visitors. It is because people love spending time online, rather than socializing in real or watching TV. It has also given businesses a new platform to increase their sale, taking advantages of online growth. However, marketers need to be very active in grabbing visitors’ attention and responding to their queries. They can promote the same either by customer contacts, inbound or outbound techniques, as per the specific needs and objectives.

Let’s look at eight important tips that could be used for successful online events.

1. Creating a Goal-oriented Theme: It is important to set up goal of an event. Do you want to enhance your reach? Do you want to spread information for your newly launched product? It is very much important to be specific about the goal so that you can create interesting and attractive content, be simple and clear in conveying your message, etc.

2. Using Multiple Platform to Invite: Marketers should convey their information through various channels. It would help you target more audience from different directions. Make sure that you use popular platforms to reach your audience. Don’t forget that personalized message is always beneficial.

3. Adding Fun with Surprise: Make sure that you do not sound boring in your message, as people like things with fun in them. Working out in this direction, add those things that people love to see, offer discount or promotion, add images, throw glance on some surprises, etc.

4. Socializing your event: Socializing of event leads to popularity. It also increases social sharing opportunities, leading to more conversation. Hence, marketers should focus at creating interesting social messages, sharing facts and interesting graphics that could attract audience.

5. Adding Call-to-Action: It leads to more registration and buying. So, don’t forget to add benefits or attractive features to entice attendees to register.

6. Staying Active: Marketers should plan their activities and stay engaged with customers for better returns. So, don’t forget to share interesting facts and information, use social media channels to send timely reminders, etc.

7. Following them up: Make sure that attendees are not left alone after the event, as they may come back with queries to proceed further. So be online even after the event to make it a success.

8. Getting Ready to Take More Information: Online events have been lot helpful in knowing information about the customers. It would build up new connections. At the same time, don’t forget to send ‘Thank You’ note at the end.

Today, online events are creating a great buzz in different business vertical. With a well-planned online event, you can win many new prospects for your business. So, take these tips into consideration while planning your online event, and spread your reach for more sales energy.

What do you think? Do you have any secrets to share with us? Let us know.

5 Best Practices of Marketo

Marketing automation has given businesses new grounds to rise and reach target audiences. However, you have got Marketo and its doing good, but you still want to come up with innovative ideas to make your marketing campaign work fantastically. Indeed, marketers always want their campaigns to give them steady returns. Hence, they need to focus on best practices that could turn out to be useful in longer runs. Before you select any of these practices, make sure that you do not deviate from chief objectives, such as customer engagement, lead tracking etc.

Let’s discuss 5 Best Practices of Marketo that help in creating compelling marketing campaigns.

1. Get engaged with customers on personal level: People love to receive personal messages. Hence, add customers’ name to your emails, customize them on basis of their interest and habits and personalize your message. Personalizing the greeting and delivering a concise message that is easy to read and understand is believed to be lot beneficial. Such emails would improve upon email performance, making your marketing campaigns successful and targeted.

2. Track and capture accurate Lead Sources : The information is no doubt difficult to obtain, but it is very important for the analysis and proper lead management that helps in capturing, responding and managing incoming leads. Marketers need to carry out some customization for getting this information accurately. Removing the clutter, keeping the lead source uniform, checking out the success rates, etc could be helpful for success of a marketing campaign.

3. Take advantage of Marketo Lead lifecycle Management to increase sales: Once you improve upon lead scoring, it is good to keep revenue cycle under check. The lead lifecycle management helps in keeping track of all your leads, proper scoring and proper positioning of leads and tracking sales with new leads.

4. Lead generation through Content Management: High quality content is no doubt beneficial in various ways and is believed to be the important part of marketing campaigns. So, be creative in designing unique Marketo landing pages to grab more opportunities.

5. Lead scoring for driving revenue: Lead scoring assigns a ranking to each and every sale prospect, depending upon their being best fit (demographic) or understanding of their interest and buying intention (behaviour) and thus, has turned out to be an important aspect in helping marketing and sale teams to recognize sales opportunities. The demographic targeting and engagement can result in more productivity and increased revenue.

Lead management strategies, including lead nurturing, lead scoring and market automation, will improve upon the sales figures drastically. Above all, Marketo has superb potential for multi-channel marketing. So, grab the opportunity and improve upon the marketing returns. Feel free to share what are your Marketo Best Practices that have helped you leverage Marketo!

Top 5 “Campaign Management” Salesforce Applications

Is your marketing campaign coming up with desirable results? Are you able to measure the results accurately for better marketing decisions? How are the analytics changes after launching the campaigns being tracked, reported and managed for best results?

It is just not sufficient enough to run an online marketing campaign; it is more important the engineering and constant management is in place so that you are able to assure the campaign is able to tap the opportunities or not. Marketers need to be very active in checking out if the campaign is able to support both traditional and emerging sale channels. They should plan, design, launch, optimize and organize the campaign with robust strategies such that positive outcome can be showcased. Following an effective marketing strategy, customers should receive the right message at the right time via the right channel every time. A strategically managed campaign would definitely increase relevancy and improve brand identity.

Though marketing automation has been beneficial in improving the success rate of campaign management, one should also tap the advantages of the Salesforce applications that help you manage the campaigns so that you can make informed decisions in a better way in tandum with your automation.

Some excellent sources for automation are:

  1. Bizible Marketing Analytics, Google AdWords Analytics, Campaign ROI, Lead Source: It tracks the marketing sources of leads, including PPC, Bing Ads, SEO, Email, SEM, etc. Smart AdWords Sync tracks new and existing ads, helping marketers enjoy automatic monitoring and updating of AdWords and Bing Ads, with no technical knowledge and no manual editing features. The application is 100% cloud based.
  2. Campaign Calendar: Take advantage of easy planning and scheduling of campaigns by using campaign calendar, a wonderful application. Its easy sharing ability helps marketers to share information with the entire organization without any hassle. So, track out your marketing efforts to get detailed insights on ROI with this interactive application that helps in scheduling, reviewing and executing marketing efforts.
  3. Daddy Analytics – SF for Google AdWords Replacement: Daddy Analytics brings together powerful web analytics and Google AdWords integration. It is an interactive application that helps you see in-depth information on leads, what Google AdWords campaigns were clicked, etc. A Lead Record Page helps marketers see individual page history for leads and map of Geo-location at time of submission.
  4. Campaign Call down Manager: This application calls down a list of leads and contacts of a particular campaign. Indeed, campaign member status gets quickly updated and an activity to the page is added easily. Moreover, easy customization facility for column, sorting and filters makes it a user-friendly application. So, manage you campaigns actively with campaign call down controller.
  5. Campaign Tracker for Google AdWords and Analytics: This is a remarkable application that works with any online advertising via campaign tags and it is easy to install with one tracking code. Marketers include referrals, organic search and direct tracking and get instant updates with no external database. There are two pre-built Dashboards and 19 reports that help you immediately identify where the best leads are coming from.

So, what next? Don’t you want to make your marketing processes faster, better and easier? Don’t you want to manage more of your campaign with less hassle? What are you waiting for?

Look for fast and multichannel marketing execution with unparalleled usability and world class analytics using these Salesforce applications. So, get the data needed anytime and anywhere, with both online social data and offline channel data easily available when you apply these campaign management tips with your Salesforce.

If you feel you need a campaign manager to work with your Salesforce applications and take these applications through the sales cycle for you or with you, our experts are available to provide customized campaign management tools and processes tailored to your unique business requirements.