Are you communicating with Canadian customers, prospects, suppliers or partners via the internet? Then CASL* will affect you! Your business will need prove their opt in consent. This means need to prove that you gained consent from each individual with whom your business communicates. You need to capture the date and time the person granted your company permission to contact him or her via email, event business card exchange or webpage, etc.).

If you have not already done this, follow these quick steps to create Canada Anti-spam Email-Opt In Program before July 1, 2014.

1. Assets:
a. Target Audience-
i.  All the email addresses that have country or inferred country as Canada.
ii. If you do not have country for all email address then to be safe consider those too.

b. Create an email. Here is the sample email image.

c. Create a landing page confirming the opt-in.

2. Create following campaign flow:
a. Send this email to the target audience.
b. Unsubscribe the target audience.
c. If anyone from the member of the target audience list, click on the link (consent link), then mark “Unsubscribe” to be false.

For Marketo Users, here is the link to create program : “Steps to create Canada Anti Spam Email Opt-In Program

3. Remember to launch it before July 1, 2014(Canadian time zone)

This blog is provided as a resource, but does not constitute legal advice.

*CASL is a federal law governing electronic messages sent from organizations and individuals to Canadians for commercial purposes. It’s intended to prevent, or at least limit, the number of unwanted and unsolicited commercial messages (spam) that Canadians receive daily. Broad and stringent, this law will dramatically affect how businesses can use email, text messages and social media to contact customers and prospects. The legislation begins to take effect on July 1, 2014.From a business perspective, the central element of CASL is the need to acquire the consent of individuals, granting the business permission to send commercial electronic messages.

The Most Effective Email Subject Line Length

Are you facing issues with regard to email open rate? Do you want to learn more about the best email subject line length? There is no doubt that the email subject line is the first impression to be taken into account, and whether a person will proceed to open the email or not depends a lot upon subject line. It needs to be attractive. It needs to have right subject line length. The research conducted in this area has brought to light that around 6 to 10 words subject lines have highest open rates.

A well composed email subject line is the one that generate highest open rate for marketers. There were around 260 million emails delivered from 540 campaigns which were judged before any conclusion was made. Let’s know about it to analyze the data and use it to generate better marketing return.

• Subject lines with 6 to 10 words generated approximately 21% open rate, well ahead companies’ standard.
• Subject lines with 5 or less words have approximately 16 percent open rate.
• Subject lines with 11-15 words have around 14% open rate, though 52% of the emails were in this range.

It cannot be denied that the email subject line is the most critical component to ensure the success of an email marketing campaign, as people make their decision to read the message or not accordingly. The study shows that succinctness is useful to attract customers and engage them with the offers, as they read the line and gain interest. Ultimately, the probability that the email will be opened and convert leads to customers increases. In addition – concise, brief and short subject lines are optimal for mobile users, as they could easily be displayed on their mobile gadgets, further emphasizing the value of utilizing such practices.

Personalized approach has also been useful in engaging and retaining customers. Emails with recipients’ first name displayed a 2.6% increase in open rates, as opposed to those without names. Another emerging trend that has grabbed consumers’ attention is the incorporation of movie titles or song lyrics in the subject line. Such subject lines proved to perform considerably better. This tactic was used to target certain customer segment. Indeed, it is supposed to be a creative way to hyper-target and capture the audience’s attention.

Not only is it important to understand which practices actually work, but also be aware of the practices which prove fatal. For example, flash sale email campaigns have lengthy subject lines and have proven to be ineffective. Bottom line, subject lines exceeding 20 words should absolutely and always be avoided. Furthermore, it is important to understand the right email frequency rate, both in the context of timing as well as subject line text, such that your prospects are kept informed, but not frustrated.

Share what is the length of your email subject line that got higher open rate?

Beware of List Purchase

Email marketing is one of the effective ways of marketing that could improve upon lead generation and enhance online visibility. However, marketers need to have strategic approach to make the campaign work out and bring better returns. One of the ways that is not recommended in this entire process is buying of email list. Indeed, marketers should follow clean and effective ways to build email list. Many people purchase a list of names and email addresses, based on specific information, such as age, gender, topography, etc. Whatsoever be the means of acquiring these lists, it is not considered to be a great idea in email marketing campaign.

Let’s discuss different reasons for which people should beware of list purchases.

The experience will let you know that reputable email marketing providers do not use purchased lists. Indeed, they focus on opt-in email lists that you generate your list of email contacts. It has been proven that companies that don’t use opt-in email lists suffer poor deliverability, on using shared IP address. The email list of one customer might also poison the deliverability of other customers on the shared IP address.

You should always have in mind that a good email list always boosts sale. Unless you are acquiring a company, you would never get a high quality email list. The email addresses on the purchased list have already been shredded by other buyers. The email list that once had value has now been spammed. The email list that is sold off generally diminishes its value with time. So, if someone has a good list, he or she would rather like it to keep with him or her. Imagine, if you would like to sell or share business email addresses of people who have opted to receive email from you?

At the same time, you should never forget that people on the list don’t even know you. Why would they like to accept mail from your side? Don’t forget that purchased or rented emails are scraped from other websites. Recipients do not even know the name of your company. Without doubt, they would mark your mail as SPAM.
Another important reason to stay away from these lists is that it harms your IP reputation and email deliverability. In such cases, the sender is identified as a spammer and thus, the SPAM traps are created to identify spammy activity. It creates email to SPAM trap.

So, do you want to risk the reputation or IP address of your company or get your emails to be SPAM traps? There is no doubt that no one wants to fall into such risks, as rebuilding reputation of brand takes a long time. What next? Don’t buy email lists? Instead follow different practices and strategic approach to build your own. Be Safe!