How to Simplify Your Complex Event Programs Using Marketing Automation?

Managing event programs are not too easy. Many a times, marketers have to face the issues regarding complex event programs. In order to help them at such stages, marketing automation has turned out to be helpful by offering them the tools that could manage the data and provide the relevant information to improve upon the overall performance.  There are numerous marketing applications that could be set at program level, campaign level and lead level to assist marketers in taking informed decisions, by keeping strict eye over crucial parameters. The tokens help in saving time and personalizing information.

Program token can be used throughout landing pages and email. They are convenient to use as you need to set up the value once at program level and then, fill in whenever the token is used. These token can also be used at the lead level, making the process of sending mails or content easier and simpler. The stats were made simpler by showcasing the marketing automation roadshow program across 10 cities with different customers and prospects in each track.

Each program contains a registration page, a ton of smart campaigns, invites, reminders, confirmation mail, etc. The basic processes and assets remain the same for different programs and hence, need not be changed every time. The details that are different across cities, like date, city, agenda, speaker, hotel, direction, etc. were to be changed in these pages. Hence, the tokens were used to capture the details across different cities with information formatted.

How tokens can be used to simplify complex event programs:

Tokens contain a lot of information, thus bringing up the value for our agenda. They appear in multiple places throughout the program, including ICS files and landing pages. The most remarkable point about these tokens is that if there are any changes made, the value changes instantly at every place. To exactly know the power of these token, you could apply them to registration page, where tokens could be used for city specific information. Now, what one needs to do is to update the token in programs for each city and the information is easily dispersed throughout. Hence, you could successfully use these tokens to carry out large scale programs and can deal with the problem in a smarter way.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to enjoy the advantages of these tokens to turn complex events into simple ones? Use marketing automation platform and make the things easier and simpler to improve upon overall returns.

Top 5 Admin and Developer Tools Applications

IT and Administration is an important business wing that looks into the needs of employees to help them have enhanced productivity. Like every other department in an organization, it is one of the supportive departments that manages various tasks requiring manual labour. In order to automate such tasks of data integration, data synchronization, etc. and make them easier and simpler, the designers have created varied applications that could be useful in a number of ways. These applications track the processes and simplify Admin and Developers tasks improving the overall business functionalities for these two groups.

Let’s discuss a few of the best Admin and Developer Tools that have gained good popularity and are deemed to be lot helpful.

1.    Informatica Cloud Integration for Salesforce

This application integrates Salesforce with on-premise and ERP applications, social sources and database files, helping people to easily carry out load, migrate, replicate, and sync data on demand. Informatica is a creative application that is designed to meet the data integration needs of all users, such as data synchronization, data replication and data quality assessment. These data processes are carried out at a clicks of mouse.

2.    DemandTools – data quality power toolset

DemandTools is a Salesforce data quality power tool set that is used by more than 5,000 admins globally. Indeed, this application is also called “administrator productivity”, as it carries out duplicate removal, mass load, dedupe, manipulate or verify appexchange data. With this feature it’s an easy and speedy installation, administrator can now use this smart application for managing mass data without requiring import/export.

3.    Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce

This application is a FREE data migration tool to help Salesforce administrators to speedily automate the import and export of data between databases and Salesforce. Taking advantage of advanced functionalities, administrators use tools to schedule, automate, manage and monitor databases, reducing the time and effort dramatically. Hence, easily automate the import and export of critical business data from Salesforce CRM, with the help of this superb application.

4.    Apsona for Salesforce

Apsona is a simple, easy and reliable application that allows speedy data entry through highly responsive user-interface, along with the superb feature of multi-object search and reporting. Mass update of filtered data, quick and easy data export, mass email, built in import, trend analysis with real time reports, mass add-on campaigns, etc. are possible in just a few clicks. So, enjoy improved productivity with the help of this easy to use application

5.    AddressTools Free V4

This unique and smart application allows users to auto complete country and state names in Salesforce address fields. Administrators now need not have to clean existing data before implementing, but could enjoy easy validation features. The validation of entered values is done against ISO standards. So, enjoy easy validation, standardization and correction of address fields on pay-per look-up basis.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you automate your processes to enhance productivity? Don’t you want your data to be synchronized for easy reporting? Why continue the pains of manual manipulation of your admin and developer tasks, when it can be done just with a few clicks through these wonderful tips and application features?

Get these applications and enjoy easy functionalities through administrator tools. Manage, automate, schedule and monitor data for informed decisions.

Steps to Connect With Decision Makers through Digital and Human Touch Marketing

Connect With Decision Makers through Digital and Human Touch Marketing

There is no doubt that delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time via the right channel has turned out to be much easier than ever before. Several new mediums, like blogs, webinars, e-books, white paper, etc have been used to appeal to the target market. What you need is informative content that would help you establish your brand identity. You just need to capture their names, email addresses and phone numbers along with their permission to engage. The marketing strategy should be laid down, keeping in mind that at every point of time, 3% of prospects are available to buy your products or services and 6-7% of them are open to it.

Hence, you need to participate actively in lead generation and converting these leads to prospects and then to customers. In order to do so, they need to move through the buying cycle and hence, you need to have their contact or stay in touch with them. There are only 10% of prospects that would respond at that point of time and hence would be on the top of the list. Therefore, you need to be ready to stay in touch with your prospects. Digital touch, in the form of well designed content is essential for spreading the marketing message. Thereby, human touch in the form of a telemarketer is also equally important in subsequent stages.

So, let walk through different steps that could connect decision makers through digital and human touch marketing.

Lead Generation via Digital Media

Online resources, like blogs, webinars, ads, emails, video, podcasts, etc are deemed to be very useful in spreading the marketing message. The more these tactics are used; more are the chances of improving visibility. Decision makers are always ready to consume this message and hence, we need to be active when it comes to content marketing. Connect with your audience at the emotional level to add the ‘wow’ to your services. It is very important to let them envision the benefits that they can gain working with you, before you engage them or captivate their imagination.

Lead Nurturing Through Telemarketing

Hire trained professionals to educate your prospects about the products or services. Let your representative be strong enough to answer their questions and provide them the additional information to guide them on their path of buying cycle.

Field Sales Force Closes More Sales

The last of all, your sales representative needs to be closers. They directly come in contact with decision makers while at the same time; they meet prospects face to face, discuss terms, demo products and build trust. So, they are at first line of your sales efforts.

Don’t you want to nurture your leads to improve upon conversion rate? Do you want to work closely to convert leads to customers? Do follow these steps and get connected with decision makers to improve upon your business returns.

Why Lead Scoring is the New Opportunity Stage?


lead scoring

Lead Scoring

Gone are the days, when simple marketing plans were effective enough for lead generation. Today, the advanced technologies have brought in so many sophisticated marketing means that marketers need to be very careful while targeting the audience. The consumer buying process has drastically shifted from traditional means to new means, where they carry out enough research, before buying a product or service. They are already leaning towards a particular vendor, but still visit others for attractive offers. Hence, marketers need to come up with robust strategy, depending upon the consumers’ needs and requirements.

One of key areas that have turned out to be a great new opportunity is lead scoring. It is a method that is used to rank prospects against a scale. This ranking is based on who they are, what they do, rather than what they are saying. Lead scoring is in fact the integral part of modern day lead management that ranks prospects on the basis on their behavior and web activity. It helps marketers determine the level of interest through their engagement and interest, depending upon demographics. These factors, when combined together can turn qualified leads to sales.

Lead scoring can be used to measure the effectiveness of investments in the marketing campaigns  and lead generation programs. It helps you identify sales ready leads from inquiries and focus on converting them to customers. Marketers can effectively use these means to rank their prospects and improve their sales, thus enhancing the return over marketing investments. Looking into the number of advantages, marketers can now use different lead scoring software to analyze their needs and make the right judgment. Another important benefit is that it reduces sale cycle duration for qualified leads and improves upon the conversion rate, thus increasing sales productivity and effectiveness.

If you want your marketing campaign to be successful, you need to understand lead behavior and identify serious buyers. Later on, you could focus on good relationships to improve the stats. Hence, it is important to keep a track of the buyer’s needs and behavior to know about his or her intentions. Though it could be challenging, it would get you an honest representation of leads’ objectives, helping you know whether they are actually ready to buy or not. Prioritizing the prospects, could further help you make initiatives to improve upon the conversion rate and your chances to convert the lead into a customer. Hence, lead scoring is definitely a new opportunity stage for marketers.

So, what next? Have you scored your leads? Don’t you want to improve upon your conversion rate and sales figure? Do adopt these advanced tactics in your marketing methodologies to enjoy better returns.