5 Best Practices All Marketing Automation Administrators Should Follow

Novice marketing automation users feel overwhelmed with plenty of features and tools of Marketo available at their fingertips to automate their entire marketing process. However, most of them start marketing automation without adequate preparation on how to deal in stream of changes that occur and needed to make the most of the marketing process on Marketo platform.

Hence, we have mapped the 5 best practices for new marketing automation administrators to help them manage and make the most the automation platforms after marketing automation implementation took place successfully.

Step 1: first of all, consider your marketing Data

Data is the cornerstone of the functioning of CRM system and marketing automation platform on which your marketing process is built upon. That’s why it is imperative to pay heed to the insights which these platforms, programs and processes are based upon. In addition, maintaining good data health and periodical data quality report in every month is a good practice to identify progress, gaps and scope of improvements in your marketing process. Marketers must also make sure they have set of rules for maintaining data for their data management team and practice those rules rigorously.

Step 2: Alignment between teams is a key

Although the name implies, marketing automation needs a close-knit collaboration of diverse teams involved in generating leads, managing customer relations and conversations, and converting leads – that’s why these automation platforms include multiple functionalities from marketing to sales to coordinate and collect data from different teams. Marketers can collect input from sales reps as well as they need buy-in from reps and other teams handling customers. Companies beginning with their marketing automation process, migration or implementation, need to touch base with the key player from each department and take account of and incorporate their experience while planning for the system.

Step 3: Create Visualization of your marketing process

As a marketer, one needs to create the visuals of the entire marketing plan of the process for other team members to comprehend what marketers have in mind. Moreover, marketers also need a complete diagram of plans and activities planned to remind them when they themselves might forget any step of actions and the rationales behind some actions. That’s why a detailed diagram or a visual board is a must to communicate with and presenting a clear picture before all the departments involved in the automation process. Create a process chart to discuss all the marketing actions and scopes of improvements – this will also bring marketers faster approvals from leadership teams. Make sure you have meticulously incorporated everything from statuses of current processes, desired marketing goals and objectives, a viable plan to attain the goal and detailed mapping of workflows of all departments and teams. If you want to make use of marketing automation as a medium of change, then a thorough planning of all the goals, touchpoints, actions and metrics must be planned well in advance and mapped scrupulously.

So, start working on creating your marketing whiteboard exercise before you jump into the actions with all the steps to success planned at your fingertip.

Step 4: Be well-aware of the automation systems

Marketing automation administrators must be well-aware of the automation and CRM platforms they are working with. However, that’s not enough. Marketers must be informed and knowledgeable about the marketing automation platform you are using whether Marketo or any other. The marketing automation administrator needs to know the automation system and instances from inside out. In addition, marketing automation admins should also be well-acquainted deeply with the CRM which is synced to the marketing automation platform and how it functions, impacts the corporate websites, blogs, landing pages and your products or services so that administrators can train other people and teams on how to articulate and explain the solutions intended to sell to the targeted accounts or market. Even though all the products, solutions or services cannot be implemented on the marketing automation platform or CRM platform, the administrator and the teams must be well-versed about those to connect with the customers and prospects.

Step 5: marketing automation administrators must play the role of teachers and custodians

That’s right and the role of the marketing automation administrator will also be as critical as those of server-side or database administrator or a CRM administrator. They will also take up all the key responsibilities of the automation system similar to what a CRM or database administrator engage in their roles. They will need to become the guardian of the functional marketing automation system as well as they need to monitor the system on regular basis. They should also play the role of a efficient gatekeeper to protect and control the access other marketers, sales reps, customer relation team players or other people involved in the marketing automation process. While allowing fellow or reps of other departments to the process, administrator also needs to be their teacher and guardian as to train them to enable them to start working on the platform as well as be attentive of their activities, progress and flaws by closely watching over their use of the system.

Admins also need to ensure they nurture and enhance their skills, how they can get more efficient with the system and perform their bits on the system well without causing any errors or issues to the platform or the process. They also take up critical responsibilities in maintaining seamless workflows and managing data points. All the changes that are made to the marketing automation system need to be monitored, recorded, and communicated with other staffs, teams and departments, clients and people who need to be reported of all those changes.

Do you find these tips on how to prep up for the role of marketing automation administrators useful? What are the best practices do you follow in your organization to get the automation started under the supervision of a marketing automation admin? We are keen to learn and share your tips with the world – drop your words of wisdom in the comments section below.  Or else, do you need professional assistance to set up, migrate or implement marketing automation or need to set up training sessions for administrators in your organization, just pick your phone now and type in “(408) 502 6765” to talk to our friendly Marketo specialists. And yes, you can also find us and chat with us via social channel Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – let’s catch up soon.

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