Marketing or Sales – How to Evaluate & Ascertain Who Gets the Credit for Your ROI

Marketing automation platforms are designed to build, nurture, monitor and score leads from the CRM system synced to the automation platform. That’s how these platforms enable marketers to track and score their leads to measure marketing interactions occurred for pushing those to the sales pipeline. However, sales and marketing teams need to be perfectly aligned in order to accurately assign leads as sales opportunities. That’s where marketers can take advantage of such automation platforms to associate leads to sales opportunities in their CRM platform. Marketo automation software features a prominent module called ‘Revenue Cycle Analytics’ which comes handy for this – marketers can use ‘Attribution Settings’ dialog box to place the pipeline. And within the span of 24 hours, as stated in the dialog box, changes in pipeline get affected as instructed through the dialog box.  In this case, marketers have three options when the sales team is not aligned and is not able to use the process. Marketers can make choices between –

  1. The default choice or ‘Explicit: only contacts with roles’
  2. Implicit: all contacts regardless of role’.
  3. Or choose ‘Hybrid: Contacts with roles if available. If none available, use all contacts in account’

Now the question is – what these choices mean for your program and how to make the right selection – here we have decoded these three choices.

‘Explicit: only contacts with roles’

This option is selected by default in the Marketo attribution settings and it is also recommended by the marketing automation platform. With this option selected, the marketing automation software will focus specifically on those contacts that are synced with the sales opportunity which was either generated or closed. In addition, it also assigns the value of sales opportunities those leads that have a vital role in creation of the sales opportunity.

While choosing this option, you need to remember that your marketing and sales teams must be coordinated to work closely so that the association of the opportunity with the contacts need to be enforced and the leads that are associated with must be assigned a role.

‘Implicit: all contacts regardless of role’

This implicit option is more a workaround choice in Marketo wherein the platform will focus on all the contacts listed under account. This list of contacts also comprises of those contacts having a role assigned, regardless of the fact that the sales opportunity got generated or closed.

The Implicit setting will dilute the values of marketing interactions. Marketo considers different marketing activities which contacts have engaged and interacted with as well as programs that obtained the name of contacts, programs that attained success. Based on these data points, Marketo attributes value to the opportunities created while contacts interacted with initiatives.

‘Hybrid: Contacts with roles if available. If none available, use all contacts in account’

This is another workaround attribution setting in Marketo that enables the platform to limit to those contacts that are associated with the sales opportunity. It also checks whether any other contact id is also associated with the opportunity. If no other contacts are associated with the opportunity, then the marketing automation software will include all the contacts within the particular account.

In this case, marketers need to remember that this setting can mitigate the value of marketing activities performed on those contacts and trigger inconsistent attribution to those contacts.

Attributing opportunities to contacts is one of the most crucial step of the Marketo RCE setup. And many marketers face a hard time in attributing account contacts to sales using the right kind of attribution settings. That’s why we recommend marketers to undergo thorough training on Marketo with emphasis on attribution, sales and managing users and changes before they start using attribution settings. If you need to make a selection in the short term, we recommend opting for the ‘Explicit: only contacts with roles’ setting to extend credits to marketers for the sales opportunity so that all contacts of an account will be considered for sales pipeline opportunities.

Do you need to set up Marketo training sessions in your organizations to improve efficiency of marketers and sales reps handling the software or in case you need professional Marketo assistance for implementing, optimizing or migrating Marketo, then get in touch with our Marketo Certified Experts at (408) 502 6765 or simply join us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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