How to Resolve Issues Occurring with Marketo Fields When the Marketo Salesforce Sync Stops?

The configuration changes made to the Marketo SFDC frame will affect a number of fields during the syncing process. Previously Marketo had two packages in its Salesforce AppExchange: Marketo Lead Management (MLM) package and Marketo Sales Insight (MSI) package. This current configuration update will remove the MLM package, and the MSI package will not require MLM for installation. With the expiration of MLM package, Marketo has stopped  support for syncing those 16 fields which were under that package. Hence, users might experience a few issues occurring while updating and syncing those fields such as, incorrect data in Salesforce reports. Here is what you need to know about changes made, how to address probable issues caused by changes made, and how to add Marketo fields.

Impacts of Marketo configuration sync changes

As new fields will be formed in Salesforce, fields in Marketo will be re-synced to newly added fields. This will trigger the backfill process which will stop the syncing with previously created fields. Thus, the data update process will be suspended immediately. Thus, every data which has the reference to the older dataset and fields will stop syncing and updating. Another issue caused is the backfilled data added to new fields will replace older values in Marketo and will be the only data set available in SFDC.

Fields that will be affected in the Marketo configuration change will be the following 16 fields. Data from these Marketo fields will stop syncing to the related SFDC 16 fields on the ‘Lead Object’ and 16 on ‘Contact object’.

  1. Lead Score
  2. Acquisition Program
  3. Acquisition Program Id
  4. Acquisition Date
  5. Original Search Phrase
  6. Original Source Info
  7. Original Source Type
  8. Original Referrer
  9. Original Search Engine
  10. Inferred Company
  11. Inferred Metropolitan Area
  12. Inferred Phone Area Code
  13. Inferred State Region
  14. Inferred City
  15. Inferred Postal Code
  16. Inferred Country

Other issues and areas to be affected by Marketo and Salesforce sync changes include –


The Workflows in Salesforce enables users to automate processes in SFDC and execute actions based on any criteria set. As the Marketo-Salesforce changes stop syncing of specific fields of data, the workflow rules which are associated with older fields will refer data those were stopped getting updated. Thus, the backfill processes will affect the workflow and make it react in another way than expected. Therefore, new data se will influence your workflow and will be seen in place of precious data value.

Apex Triggers

Apex Triggers is that which allow users to execute actions, before or after changes made to the records as well as to execute various other tasks, similar to workflows. Once the Marketo will stop syncing old value, Apex Triggers will fail to trigger any action afterwards.

Also, when the new values will be added to the fields over the existing values by backfill processes, will cause apex triggers to trigger actions based on new values and will not perform as expected.

AppExchange Apps

AppExchange app will also function erroneously once the new valued will be synced by the backfill processes and will not be able to perform, as desired based on the older values or will not perform as they had performed earlier.

Formula Fields

Similar to Marketo’s formula fields, Salesforce formula fields also use multiple fields and mix those fields to create new value for the value of formula fields. As the creation of the value of formula field depends on other fields, values of fields affected by Marketo and Salesforce sync changes might fail to return inaccurate field value.

Also, if the mapping of those affected fields gets changed and when the formula field will refer to those fields, the formula field will perform calculation based on the outdated data and will return an outdated formula field value. However, if the formula field will refer to new fields, then the field will retrieve data from those fields that are not backfilled. However, as soon as backfill processes will complete and all the data will be updated successfully, the formula fields will start performing accurately.


Salesforce reporting tool sources data from various locations. Similar to the formula fields, when reports source data from those fields affected by the Marketo changes, the reporting tool will fail to produce accurate data as well. Once the syncing process will get stopped, Salesforce reports will not be able to demonstrate updated data. As the reports will retrieve data from new fields, the reports will display two different set of data. The first set of data will appear when the backfill process is continuing and the field values are not updated. Thus, reports will not be able to show updated data. Later, as the backfill process has successfully completed updating process, the fields from which reports source data will be updated and reports will display accurate results based on the updated field values. Thus, you can avoid the issue of wrong reports and field values as all the fields will be updated with the new value by backfill process. Users will receive a confirmation notification from Marketo once the backfill process is finished stating the updating process is complete users can perform actions on updated set of data.

Do you find these tips and solutions helpful or do you need professional Marketo assistance in your Marketo and Salesforce integration projects? Just talk to our Marketo certified experts at (408) 502 6765 or connect us via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get informed of all latest trends, updates, and tips on Marketo platforms.

Top 5 Human Resources Salesforce Applications

Human Resource is an integral department of every organization that manages people. Recruiting the skilled professionals, looking into their training needs and various other related parameters are all part of the role of the Human Resource department.  There is no doubt that it becomes difficult to manage the database containing employees’ information with regard to the organization’s needs. It is important to manage this database in order to make informed timely decisions so that a balance approach can be maintained in the growth of the company and its employees. Whether you are talking about the recruiting of an employee or the growth of the company, HR professionals need to be very accurate in maintaining these records and the decisions made based on these records. So, to help HR make processes simple and easy, there are a number of Human Resource Sales force applications that can be leveraged to maximize their data and decisions based on their data.

1. Job science | Staffing

Job science is a superb application that contains an all-in-one system for staffing firms. It is used to drive growth with a 360 degree view, helping you to know the health of revenue pipe, anytime, anywhere. It is deployed and used for staffing by search firms more than any other product on Use this cloud-based staffing automation application to eliminate the fruitless tasks so that your organization can focus predominantly on revenue generating aspect, giving you competitive edge simultaneously.

2. Talent Rover

Talent Rover offers front to back office solutions featuring CRM, HRIS, ATS, databases, reports, dashboards, mobility and many more. Indeed, it is the best solution to address the needs of recruiting, administration and the sales team. It enables you to focus on sales, reporting, recruiting and making placements.

3. Cornerstone for Salesforce

Be ready to revolutionize the way organizations delivers learning with the help of this superb application. It drives actionable insights. Companies can now use this easy to use tool to prepare internal and external users for training and development. Custom learning experience can be created both for authenticated as well as unauthenticated users. It is the only fully functional Learning Management System on Salesforce platform. A must have for training purposes.

4. TargetRecruit

TargetRecruit is a leading solution for staffing companies that are empowered to manage recruiting, hiring, sales, marketing, accounting and social media with the help of a centralized and customizable system. So, you don’t only simplify hiring with Target Recruit, but you also enjoy various other aspects, such as job board and social media integration, time sheet and accounting integration, etc.

5. Fairsail Human Capital Management

Fairsail is a comprehensive global HR application that looks into talent management, performance management, and personal development planning, skills and competencies and employees record management. So, track milestones and manage objective data and performance against targets. The remarkable feature of performance reviews is to help in controlled standardized review processes, thus making reviewing consistent across the entire organization. This application helps you track the skills and design in talent plan and then, carry out competency assessment and development plans.

Get your HR processes automated, leveraging these applications and give a competitive edge to your organization. Feel free to share which one is your favorite.

Top 5 Admin and Developer Tools Applications

IT and Administration is an important business wing that looks into the needs of employees to help them have enhanced productivity. Like every other department in an organization, it is one of the supportive departments that manages various tasks requiring manual labour. In order to automate such tasks of data integration, data synchronization, etc. and make them easier and simpler, the designers have created varied applications that could be useful in a number of ways. These applications track the processes and simplify Admin and Developers tasks improving the overall business functionalities for these two groups.

Let’s discuss a few of the best Admin and Developer Tools that have gained good popularity and are deemed to be lot helpful.

1.    Informatica Cloud Integration for Salesforce

This application integrates Salesforce with on-premise and ERP applications, social sources and database files, helping people to easily carry out load, migrate, replicate, and sync data on demand. Informatica is a creative application that is designed to meet the data integration needs of all users, such as data synchronization, data replication and data quality assessment. These data processes are carried out at a clicks of mouse.

2.    DemandTools – data quality power toolset

DemandTools is a Salesforce data quality power tool set that is used by more than 5,000 admins globally. Indeed, this application is also called “administrator productivity”, as it carries out duplicate removal, mass load, dedupe, manipulate or verify appexchange data. With this feature it’s an easy and speedy installation, administrator can now use this smart application for managing mass data without requiring import/export.

3.    Jitterbit Data Loader for Salesforce

This application is a FREE data migration tool to help Salesforce administrators to speedily automate the import and export of data between databases and Salesforce. Taking advantage of advanced functionalities, administrators use tools to schedule, automate, manage and monitor databases, reducing the time and effort dramatically. Hence, easily automate the import and export of critical business data from Salesforce CRM, with the help of this superb application.

4.    Apsona for Salesforce

Apsona is a simple, easy and reliable application that allows speedy data entry through highly responsive user-interface, along with the superb feature of multi-object search and reporting. Mass update of filtered data, quick and easy data export, mass email, built in import, trend analysis with real time reports, mass add-on campaigns, etc. are possible in just a few clicks. So, enjoy improved productivity with the help of this easy to use application

5.    AddressTools Free V4

This unique and smart application allows users to auto complete country and state names in Salesforce address fields. Administrators now need not have to clean existing data before implementing, but could enjoy easy validation features. The validation of entered values is done against ISO standards. So, enjoy easy validation, standardization and correction of address fields on pay-per look-up basis.

So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you automate your processes to enhance productivity? Don’t you want your data to be synchronized for easy reporting? Why continue the pains of manual manipulation of your admin and developer tasks, when it can be done just with a few clicks through these wonderful tips and application features?

Get these applications and enjoy easy functionalities through administrator tools. Manage, automate, schedule and monitor data for informed decisions.

Top 5 “Campaign Management” Salesforce Applications

Is your marketing campaign coming up with desirable results? Are you able to measure the results accurately for better marketing decisions? How are the analytics changes after launching the campaigns being tracked, reported and managed for best results?

It is just not sufficient enough to run an online marketing campaign; it is more important the engineering and constant management is in place so that you are able to assure the campaign is able to tap the opportunities or not. Marketers need to be very active in checking out if the campaign is able to support both traditional and emerging sale channels. They should plan, design, launch, optimize and organize the campaign with robust strategies such that positive outcome can be showcased. Following an effective marketing strategy, customers should receive the right message at the right time via the right channel every time. A strategically managed campaign would definitely increase relevancy and improve brand identity.

Though marketing automation has been beneficial in improving the success rate of campaign management, one should also tap the advantages of the Salesforce applications that help you manage the campaigns so that you can make informed decisions in a better way in tandum with your automation.

Some excellent sources for automation are:

  1. Bizible Marketing Analytics, Google AdWords Analytics, Campaign ROI, Lead Source: It tracks the marketing sources of leads, including PPC, Bing Ads, SEO, Email, SEM, etc. Smart AdWords Sync tracks new and existing ads, helping marketers enjoy automatic monitoring and updating of AdWords and Bing Ads, with no technical knowledge and no manual editing features. The application is 100% cloud based.
  2. Campaign Calendar: Take advantage of easy planning and scheduling of campaigns by using campaign calendar, a wonderful application. Its easy sharing ability helps marketers to share information with the entire organization without any hassle. So, track out your marketing efforts to get detailed insights on ROI with this interactive application that helps in scheduling, reviewing and executing marketing efforts.
  3. Daddy Analytics – SF for Google AdWords Replacement: Daddy Analytics brings together powerful web analytics and Google AdWords integration. It is an interactive application that helps you see in-depth information on leads, what Google AdWords campaigns were clicked, etc. A Lead Record Page helps marketers see individual page history for leads and map of Geo-location at time of submission.
  4. Campaign Call down Manager: This application calls down a list of leads and contacts of a particular campaign. Indeed, campaign member status gets quickly updated and an activity to the page is added easily. Moreover, easy customization facility for column, sorting and filters makes it a user-friendly application. So, manage you campaigns actively with campaign call down controller.
  5. Campaign Tracker for Google AdWords and Analytics: This is a remarkable application that works with any online advertising via campaign tags and it is easy to install with one tracking code. Marketers include referrals, organic search and direct tracking and get instant updates with no external database. There are two pre-built Dashboards and 19 reports that help you immediately identify where the best leads are coming from.

So, what next? Don’t you want to make your marketing processes faster, better and easier? Don’t you want to manage more of your campaign with less hassle? What are you waiting for?

Look for fast and multichannel marketing execution with unparalleled usability and world class analytics using these Salesforce applications. So, get the data needed anytime and anywhere, with both online social data and offline channel data easily available when you apply these campaign management tips with your Salesforce.

If you feel you need a campaign manager to work with your Salesforce applications and take these applications through the sales cycle for you or with you, our experts are available to provide customized campaign management tools and processes tailored to your unique business requirements.

Top 5 Event Management Salesforce Applications

Events and occasions are a part of human life. Whether you look at academic level, personal level or official level, there are different types of events that take place. “Event manager” needs to be very cautious with regard to planning and managing of these events to insure it’s a success! Indeed, event management is a multifaceted activity that involves lots of planning, creativity, management, advertising and marketing so that they all roll down into one seamless choreographed process.

A carefully planned and managed event goes smoothly, keeping organizers and audience away from the related hassles. Are you able to manage the things well? Was your audience comfortable and satisfied with your services or managed event? Were you able to manage the expenses within the defined budget? There are so many integral aspects of an event that need active management of all these pieces. It might be very difficult to manage an event at every aspect, however, at the same time, if careful planning is done, you it can be work effective. Here’s how you can be called a great event planner. Let us show you how.

Event Management Applications

Learn how to spread the right message to attendees. Learn how to send the invitation to potential participants. Learn how to keep budgets under control. Learn how to offer good services to attendees. There are so many things to learn, before you turn out to be a good event planner. To make the things easier and simpler, there are different types of applications that have been designed to assist event managers in various ways to let the event go smooth.

  1. Volunteers for Salesforce: Manage your event and volunteer with this unique and interactive application. Keep record of your volunteer shifts, jobs and hours to keep track of the entire data and public signups. This application acts as a tool for managing organization’s events and people, helping managers to keep track of who the volunteers are, how they have worked and other related information. So that you can fetch the complete database of your event with just a few clicks.
  2. Validar Lead Import with AnySource: Lead import is the leading tool for managing, categorizing and importing offline lead sources. Know where your leads are imported from, such as web leads, exhibits or registration kiosks. This application has made it much easier for the managers to rank their leads to maximize sale efforts. The leads can be imported from one source, but can be used for more than one event. So, know who are they? Why are they there? The information gathered would be useful for consistent lead management processes. Validar is Marketo Integrated as well.
  3. Eventley Event Management 2.0 (Cloud, Social, Mobile): Eventley is a remarkable application to create and manage events and delight attendees. Mangers use it as an integrated platform to engage audience and can align in real time with sales and account team for target management.
  4. Linvio Events: Native Event Management for Salesforce: This application helps you manage networking events, seminars, workshops, etc. It has pre-built features of content management, payment processing, etc. that keeps track of data at various stages.
  5. TuLabel by Scout: TuLabel enables users to create printable labels in PDF formats. These labels can be of custom size or standard ones. So, create business cards, name tags, labels and much more from just Avery number. This is a straight forward and easy to use application.

Take advantage of these user-friendly applications, and the blessings of innovative technology and let your event step up towards flawless execution. Event Manager and marketers can now manage their events at the click of a mouse, while all along keeping track of data at the same time. Is your favorite one in this list or do you have some other? Would love to know please, feel free to share.