What is Marketing Attribution & Why Should Your Team Use It with Marketing Automation?

Marketers are always debating and pitting against each other over the implementation of marketing attribution and marketing automation platforms. However, little they do know that both the platforms can be used in unison to obtain the best performance of their marketing campaigns. Contrary to the common myth, marketing attribution and marketing automation are not the same. Instead they do not substitute each other, but can be used together effectively. So, how these two are different from each other?

Differences between marketing attribution and marketing automation

Marketing automation, is a marketing platform that increases opportunity user experience in their marketing campaigns, by enabling them to schedule, automate and send It allows marketers to ensure timely delivery of emails with all the elements including CTA, forms, landing pages and other content elements.

On the other hand, marketing attribution is a process which allows marketers monitor, make reports and evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing campaign. This process incorporates all marketing and advertising campaigns including all online and offline campaigns such as offline events and conferences. Attribution tracks targeted prospect through diverse phases, right from lead generation, to opportunity creation, and conversion of leads. The attribution model also draws marketers’ attention to bits of the entire marketing strategy contributed the most in revenue generation.

Major difference between these two is that while marketing attribution collects and collates data based on which marketers can optimize and make required changes to their campaigns to generate more qualified leads, more conversions, and closing more opportunities. Whereas marketing automation, on the other hand, presents a platform to enable the marketers do the implementation part of the campaign by letting its users streamline, schedule, and sync campaigns across multiple channels to ensure seamless execution. Simply put, your marketing automation platform states the number of leads generated through a precise number of channels – you need marketing attribution to emphasize the specific number of those leads that were actually converted using specific number of channels, type of content, blogs, specific set of keywords, forms, landing pages, ads and other assets. Moreover, marketing attribution can also guide your offline events and conferences and measure effectiveness of those marketing approaches.

Marketing teams need to focus on both marketing attribution and marketing automation since the latter helps reps automate and to lay the groundwork of marketing campaigns that are planned based on the data collected by marketing attribution platforms.

How marketing attribution & marketing automation can be used in unison?

There are seven types of marketing attribution models that are largely divided between single-touch and multi-touch models. 7 models of marketing attribution are –

Single-touch models
  1. First-touch
  2. Last-touch
Multi-Touch models
  1. Linear
  2. Time-Decay
  3. U-Shaped
  4. W-Shaped
  5. Custom

Since a marketing automation platform fetches information on leads, when to target those prospects and lay the groundwork of the strategies on automating those activities, you need marketing attribution to provide multi-dimensional data points on your campaign. For example, if you need to dig out data on whether the latest newsletter email marketing campaign has generated more qualified webinar attendance – then you can leverage marketing attribution platform to know how the newsletter campaign performed. In generating better qualified leads, the campaign –

  1. used webinar as the offer
  2. specific name of the webinar that was used as the offer
  3. date on which the campaign
  4. information of the attendees
  5. the channel which was used for the newsletter campaign

and many more. The marketing attribution also guides on the marketing budget used on a particular campaign with specific amount details on how much it cost the team. Marketers can also collect data on particular technique used in the campaign that worked a great deal in generating revenues and how it has made use of the content.

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