Marketo Advanced Segmentation – How Relevant Can Your Lead Nurture Get?

Lead segmentation is cornerstone in the success of a lead nurturing program and improving revenue. The more accurately marketers can segment their lead nurture campaign, the more relevant their messaging becomes and the shorter their sales cycle. Lead segmentation enables marketers to closely align the nurture programs to their subscribers or web visitors’ needs and preferences – in return, prospects start paying attention, engaging, and interacting with nurture campaigns. In order to shorten the gap between the brand and prospects, marketers need to move beyond basic lead segmentation and practice advanced segmentation and nurturing.

There are four ways to perform advanced lead nurture and segmentation to attain optimum relevance and engagement from all channels you target for lead nurture campaigns. These are:

  1. Segmentation based on behavioral data

  2. Running optimized campaigns

  3. Late stage lead nurture campaigns

  4. Lead lifecycle campaigns

Let us dissect each advanced lead segmentation strategy and figure out each of these will heighten your campaign in relevance scale.

1. Segmentation based on behavioral data

Lead segmentation and targeting based on behavioral data help significantly increase the relevance of a campaign and augment engagement. When marketers create their lead nurture campaigns that bind transactional data, online behavior such as site visiting and search behavior, subscribers’ interactions with emails, social channel posts, and other cross-channel communications, they can communicate more relevantly with their leads.

Marketo Customer Engagement engine

Marketo lets its users perform behavioral segmentation using Marketo Customer Engagement engine. This segmentation option enables users to transition rules. These rules direct your marketing automation system to “listen” to leads and send them the most relevant offers, information or other content based on what it hears. Users can set transition rules as per behavioral triggers or a lead score. For example, prospects who are navigating to price page multiple times can be set on a more direct lead nurture path or even get transferred to the sales funnel faster than other leads.

Interest based lead nurture track

Another way to practice behavioral segmentation is creating “topic of interest” track. This can make good reuse of your existing content inventory. Marketo enables creating interest based lead nurture track according to leads’ previous activities, choices and interests. Thus, marketers can send them more relevant and targeted content based on their previous interests and activities.

Cross-channel lead nurture

Similarly, you can create the right channel track for people based on their interests such as in email, social networks, marketing automation etc. By making your Marketo platform listen to leads’ activities through Customer Engagement engine, you can set scores as per their engagement data collected from various channels. For example, at the first stage you may Tweet links to download e-book. In the next phase, email guide to tactical strategies. In the third touch point, make an website offer to download another similar content from the site and in the next phase, email them the same content you offered for download from website. Thus, you can execute, test and optimize content and select channels based on behavioral data.

2. Running optimized campaigns

Marketers can create specialized lead nurture tracks along with behavioral data based nurture tracks. These types of lead nurture campaigns can be highly relevant as well as can be made optimized to a particular scenario for moving leads the buyer journey faster than other methods.

Event programs

Event based lead nurture tracks are extremely effective method to increase relevance of your campaigns for those leads which were generated from events. Such event lead nurture tracks are shorter tracks with few touches that leads go through until those contacts are moved to the larger lead nurture tracks. The event lead nurture tracks must be added with information, product offers and content that was part of that event which generated those leads. For this, you can simply use the recording of your event session and turn into a presentation which you can offer those leads through an email. Then, create a blog recap of the event and keep it ready to send through another email. Add those emails with content into the streams and deliver to those leads that attended your event. Thus, you can reuse the event, highlight the major parts and information presented through the event to create engagement and customers’ interest that were created during the event.

Seasonal Campaigns

Another excellent method of creating targeted campaigns is to deliver seasonal and timely lead nurture tracks, such as, around holidays, Super Bowl, New Year special, back-to-school or any other. Thus, you can immensely engage the targeted people with content which are extremely relevant and well-timed. You may contain time-sensitive blogs, e-book or video you created for the special occasion based on seasonal topic.

Accelerator Campaigns

Accelerator campaigns are tracks that are made in order to move leads to the sales funnel at an accelerated pace. Marketers can add “nudges” to the campaigns which are triggered by particular sales updates or buyer behavioral data. You can adapt nurturing approaches according to your targeted audience interests and optimize campaigns to the type of content and information that leads seek, webpages and landing pages they navigate, and social channels they use.

3. Late Stage Lead Nurture Campaigns

The late stage lead nurture campaigns can be made to make sure engagement, interactions and movements of the targeted prospects through the entire buying journey, even when they would not be willing to purchase. Following are major categories of late stage lead lifecycle campaigns.

  • Handoff campaigns –

You can create automated nurture campaign to move the leads to the sales funnel when they are sales ready to make difference between no response and timely follow-up. There are many methods to inform sales team of leads that grow sales ready: you can either pass those leads to the CRM they use, alter the owner, modifying the status field of those leads, or by creating tasks in CRM system, or simply by alerting the sales team via an SMS or an alert.

  • Recycling campaigns –

Marketers can implement two kinds of lead recycling campaigns. One campaign will contain leads that get recycled automatically based on specific business rules and goals. The other type of campaigns will consist of leads that sales teams manually recycle. The aim of recycling campaigns is to reallocate, execute and measure leads which cannot be that cannot be followed up by sales team periodically. There are times when numerous hot sales ready leads are passed to the sales funnels and sales reps get flooded with too many leads to follow them up in timely manner – this is when these recycles advanced lead segmentation and nurture campaigns are proven effective to pursue in timely fashion.

4. Lead Lifecycle Campaigns or Customer campaigns –

Customer campaigns are created when opportunities are closed and sealed. These customer campaigns are created to segment and move all those closed leads to a new nurture track which will be targeted for those customers. Now this campaign will mark those contacts as customers in the lead database so that campaigns will be optimized to them and to deliver them welcome notes and series of timely and targeted emails. Customer campaigns work great in introducing customers to product lineup and special services appropriate for them. Later, you can target them for cross-selling or up-selling services, offers or products for nurturing retaining them.

Dos and don’ts of customer campaigns

  • Besides introduction and promotional emails, engage and interact with customers through social media, websites, blogs and other channels.

  • Use customer campaigns for onboarding activities and future engagement.

  • Continue educating customers after their first purchase to get the most of your product or service and extend their customer lifetime value.

  • Use this campaign to inform customers about latest, upcoming and best new products, offers and features.

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