Plans and Pricing

QuickLaunch Program

ShowMeLeads QuickLaunch Program for Marketo is an online instructional workshop designed to fully prepare your marketing team to succeed with Marketo. QuickLaunch provides best practices, a consultative curriculum and hands-on training for all editions of Marketo and includes everything you need to get into full production. QuickLaunch leads you through every stage of your Marketo deployment and gives you step-by-step guidance to help you effectively launch your first campaigns.

 Basic SMBEnterprise
Standard Cost$7,040 $10,260 $13,280
Included Hoursup to 40 hrs up to 60 hrsup to 80 hrs
Business process workshop
Initial Set up and getting started with Marketo & Salesforce (or CRM)
Lead Scoring workshop and Build
Design Studio ( Email & Landing Pages design & build )
Forms and Progressive Profiling set up
Programs setup and build
Best Practice to organize and maintain Marketo Instance
Lead Nurturing Strategy Workshop
Lead Nurturing Build Workshop
SEO evaluation
Basic Reporting Analytics
Workspace and Lead partition
Persona with Content mapping workshop
Revenue Modeling Workshop
Monthly Contract
Revenue Cycle Explorer(RCE) *

Extended Management Services (EMS) Plan

If you can’t spare the dedicated resources to plan, build and deploy your ideal Marketo project, or if your own resources are focused on other business priorities, ShowMeLeads offers a flexible on-demand service to get you up and running quickly.

  Basic SMB Enterprise
Standard Cost $7,200 $10,680 $14,000
Included Hoursup to 40 hrsup to 60 hrsup to 80 hrs
Annual Contract
Dedicated Primary Services Manager
Day to Day Execution Assistance
Dedicated Back up Services Manager
Monthly Performance Reporting 
Quaterly Reviews 
Marketing Strategy Assistance  
Monthly Onsite Reviews  

Accelerator Program

ShowMeLeads Accelerator Program is a live consulting engagement designed for customers who already have well-defined lead management processes and marketing automation programs and want to deploy Marketo as quickly as possible. You will walk away from this program with a live Marketo production system, a solid understanding of key marketing automation concepts, hands on experience with advanced Marketo features and capabilities, and a successfully-launched campaign.

 Basic PROEnterprise
Standard Cost $7,400 $10,800 $14,240
Included Hours up to 40 hrs up to 60 hrs up to 80 hrs
Marketo Health Check Up
Business Process Review Workshop
Forms and Progressive profiling set up
Email & Landing Page - Design & build
Program Design and Launch
Reporting & Analytics
Best Practice to organize and maintain Marketo Instance
Lead Nurturing Strategy
Lead Nurturing Build
Revenue Modeling Workshop
SEO evaulation
Sales & Marketing Alignment workshop
Workspace and Lead partition
Monthly Contract
Revenue Cycle Explorer(RCE) *

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